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Melton hockey club has recently joined together with another hockey club in Australia, The two clubs are not only linked by sport and by name but they are also linked by town...

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About Melton Hockey Club Australia.

Melton Mustangs are the only Hockey Club that is established in the City of Melton which was named after Melton Mowbray in England. Currently 130,000 people live in that area and they are 40 kms west of Melbourne. We are situated inside college grounds formally known as Mowbray College(Private School).

There current location is about to change as they are have a new hockey complex being built which will become available for the 2016 season.

Melton Mustangs field 13 teams spread through every age group from 4yrs to 70yrs.

There Senior teams play in Victoria League which is a semi elite league. The women play in League 2 while the men play in League 3. Some professional players are found in the women’s league.

The club has a total of 169 players.

There Masters team play in an over 45yrs plus league and are known as the ‘Invincibles’ having a world record of not losing a game for the entire season and winning 2 flags on the way.

The club will celebrate its 40th year in 2016.

The club uses many innovative methods to enhance team performance and it has been the main reason for our Women’s team successes. The club is going through a rebuild phase for the Men’s senior teams.

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